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Those who read my last post know that this fall I relocated my home and studio to the southern coast of Massachusetts. A vacation spot for years, Westport now answers my creative cravings daily with huge vistas of water, farm and sky. I am inspired to absorb it all and let the colors flow through my brush into my journal or onto canvas.

From this new perspective, Art for Self-Discovery sets its focus on the following projects:


Writing: I’m starting a blog on the creative process in order to continue a dialogue between myself and my students, as well as offering a forum for those new to painting improvisation. Watch here for the link.


Editing: I will be guiding the creation of an IBook for The Per Dev Center in New York City. This cutting-edge Manhattan perceptual training program is a project dear to my heart. My own developmental work with them in the 90’s was critical to the rewiring and strengthening of channels in my brain and creativity, and vital to the making of my book.


Workshops and Lectures: Private and group tutoring sessions continue for the journal painting process based on my book, "Painting Your Way Out of a Corner: the Art of Getting Unstuck." Lessons are at my studio, on-site by appointment or via Skype. Sign up for email updates for public events in the blue box.


Contact me by email or by calling 201-675-0256.






Painting Your Way Out of a Corner:
The Art of Getting Unstuck
is available at your local book store and online.

Here's a video on how Painting Your Way out of a Corner works.


TUTORING withskype-logo

Painting Journal tutoring sessions avaliable via Skype.

To get started email me or call 201-675-0256.

$42 hour session