I see art as an integral part of daily living. It is how we grow and develop flexibility toward change and new ideas.

Barbara Diane Barry; author, artist, educator

About Barbara

Barbara Diane Barry, author, educator and artist, has been facilitating art experiences with adults, children, and community groups for over 30 years. Her work as a visual artist and vocal performer has fostered her belief that it is the creative process, not the product, that awakens us to a fuller experience of all that we are.

Every arrangement of flowers made, every castle sculpted in sand, or closet reorganized touches upon our creative potential. To do creative acts with regularity nourishes us and helps us to integrate past and present events in our lives. Thus we become open to a richer experience of here and now.

Beside her own art studio classes Barbara teaches in public art residences throughout the five boroughs for the educational outreach program at Symphony Space in Manhattan. In this capacity she provides students with an intimate introduction to various cultures through art making and through guided tours she conducts in some of the city’s finest museums.

You can contact me by email or by calling 201-675-0256.