It was quite a peaceful activity for me… my inner life found its way into the mask.

a finished painted mask


Behind the Scenes
at the Rubin Museum

Take a look at how mask making brings people together and expands participants ideas about identity.
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Mask Making Classes

Finding your inner self . . .

In life we wear many masks, each appropriate to the situation in which we find ourselves. Over time we get in the habit of using only a few “faces” out of the extensive repertoire we possess.

Mask making has the potential to explore inner creative resources which we cannot access in ordinary ways. Working without a preconceived notion of the end result opens us to discover “something else” about ourselves.

Workshops guide participants through a direct casting process to create masks of their faces. They explore their own “cast of thousands” by embellishing with paints, collage materials and treasures from home.

The workshop includes an introduction to the origins of this ancient art form.


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