Thank you… for helping me to keep my fear at bay, to give me space to freely explore!

painting journal notebook


Here's a video on how "Painting Your Way out of a Corner" works.



Painting Journal

Remember the last time you felt frozen by indecision or unable to let something go? Today’s stress–filled world demands we make optimal choices and avoid mistakes, but that kind of pressure often puts resolution further out of reach.

Painting Your Way Out of Corner pairs the journal discipline with a simple no-fault painting approach that relies on improvisation and the imagination rather than artistic skill to overcome obstacles and find new solutions.

Keeping a journal helps set aside time and space for reflection, catharsis and telling our stories. Each painted page provides opportunity to energize, play and also learn what thoughts and feelings keep us from trusting ourselves when things get stressful. The risk involved in making each dot, shape or brush stroke is transformative.

No previous art experience is necessary.

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