Art for Self-Discovery, Nutruing the Creative Spirit

Women's Three Day Art Retreat

The Why

Change is our constant. The agility with which we work through our ups and downs and still move forward make the difference between living fully with all our resources, or living limited to what we only think we know about ourselves. We are so much more than that. While we have been educated to think in logical progression, what serves us best at these times is tapping in to our creative source. How do we access let alone nurture what we already possess?

The How

The practice of engaging in hands-on art is one of most powerful ways to access hidden inner resources inaccessible by thinking alone. Add spontaneity into the mix and you have a tool so faithful and reflective of individuality, that whatever information arises from painting or modeling is uniquely your own. The discoveries you will make are already there within you, just waiting to be revealed.

In this 3 day workshop painting strokes and modeling simple forms are the playful means to moving forward step by step and nurturing our rich, innate well of creativity.

No prior art experience is necessary.


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