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Looking for a new way to meet today's challenges for work, for relationships,
and for play?

As young girls many of us were taught to keep our hands clean, be on our best behavior and always be considerate of others. Such attitudes did little to encourage spontaneity and risk-taking, two elements vital to the expression of a more authentic self. Later, as adults we find ourselves cut off from the very solutions we need by old taboos.

A woman’s richness is to be found in getting “down and dirty!” as Jungian analyst and storyteller, Clarissa Pinkola–Estes offers in Women Who Run with the Wolves. This 4-day workshop offers women a series of unique, hands-on art experiences that provide tools to reconnect with hidden inner resources. Surrounded by the natural beauty of sea and shore, participants will experience a process, through inventive watercolor imagery, mask making and clay modeling, that supports new options, befriends old fears and renews vital energies.

Whatever a woman’s age, nourishing her natural creativity will open the door to finding solutions with energy, imagination and humor.

No prior art experience is necessary.

While the ensuing art work is always surprising and rich, the focus remains on the process and the content, not the end result alone. Participants will leave with a viable means to continue the practice on their own.

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