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Mask Making

Chrysalis: Mask Making Part I
In every day life we wear different “masks ” each one appropriate to a particular role or situation, mother, daughter, friend, spouse, boss or scout leader. As we each engage in this first stage of the mask making process we have an opportunity to safely step out from behind these habitual masks and discover something else about ourselves.

Participants will partner with one another to cast direct molds of the face using the plaster gauze technique. The gentle wrapping of our face forms the chrysalis. As we wriggle mouths, wrinkle brows and pull tenderly at the edges to remove the mold, we emerge anew. (It’s also a great facial!)

Blossoming: Mask Making Part II
Mask making holds the potential for exploring inner imagery and creative resources, which we cannot access in an ordinary way. It is working without a preconceived notion of the end result that opens us to discover “something else” about ourselves. We find a freedom to make different kinds of choices.

Using a variety of provided materials we will help this new character blossom forth in a spontaneous and playful way. Participants are encouraged to bring a few small personal collage items from home as well as to “scavenge” from the beach and natural surroundings.

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